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How does Dynamic AUTOaccurate work?

  • Select whether one or more fractions are to be distilled. The vacuum control is fully automated for each fraction.
  • A temperature sensor measures the temperature prevailing in the unloaded glass condenser and saves it as the basic temperature.
  • The intensity setting can be used to determine how large the temperature difference between the initial value and the measured value should be until the corresponding vacuum value is held (switching temperature Ts).
  • The boiling points of one or more fractions are detected via the steam temperature gradient of the mixture with continuous automatic vacuum control.
  • For gentle processes and media that tend to foam, it is recommended to choose a lower intensity, for strong performance a higher intensity.


When / Where is Dynamic AUTOaccurate suitable?

  • For inexperienced and frequently changing users
  • For use without monitoring
  • For media with a tendency to foam, for a gently controlled vacuum.
  • Single distillation for the separation of a fraction
  • Mixture distillation for the separation of several fractions


Your advantages

The AUTOaccurate allows you to start a fully automated distillation process already during the heat-up phase of the heating bath.
The system vacuum is dynamically adjusted to the changing heating bath temperatures until the heating bath has reached its defined temperature.

  • Samples are distilled precisely
  • Automation with sensors ensures noticeably higher precision
  • To protect your sample, motor lift models automatically remove the evaporating flask from the heating bath at the end of the process


System requirements

+ +
Hei-VAP Expert Control
Glassatz G3, G3 XL oder G6
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Hei-VAP Ultimate Control
Glassware set G3, G3 XL or G6
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