Heidolph meets Memmert


Heidolph meets Memmert



We are often asked whether shakers that are continuously operated in climate chambers are influencing the temperature.
Heidolph has tested several shakers in Memmert climate chambers under real conditions.
These tests demonstrate: Even if several powerful shakers are operated synchronously inside a climate chamber, the temperature does not rise or rises only slightly. A Memmert climate chamber can be combined with Heidolph shakers to make up a powerful incubator system. The temperature deviations measured in the medium are within the tolerated margin.

Devices under test:

  • Memmert HPP260 with 2 Hei-MIX devices size 1000/2000 Unimax 1010/Promax 2020
  • Memmert HPP410 with 3 Hei-MIX devices size 1000/2000 Unimax 1010/Promax 2020

Representative of the Heidolph shaker portfolio, two devices of different dimensions were used in the test (only marginal deviations to other Heidolph shakers): Unimax 1010 and Promax 2020


Test parameters
The temperature was measured in the medium.

1l-Erlenmeyer flask 800 ml water
Runtime >16 h
Shaking frequency 80 rpm
Target temperature heating chamber 37 °C
Humidity control off




If you plan to use our devices inside a climate chamber, we recommend Memmert!


Used products

Unimax 1010

Platform Shaker - Orbital

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Promax 2020

Platform Shaker - Reciprocating

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Constant climate chamber HPP260

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Constant climate chamber HPP410

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