Bitumen quality assurance in asphalt production

In order to ensure a consistent quality of the asphalt, samples of the product must be checked for bitumen content at regular intervals. Since very high boiling temperatures have to be achieved for this process step, we recommend the rotary evaporator Hei-VAP Expert. With the high heating cable, at precisely adjustable temperatures, this device is ideal. Since different temperature, plateaus are necessary for the extraction of the bitumen. At the end of the distillation, the sample is ready for further analysis.



Bitumen needs to be extracted in multistage




In a further process step, the extracted bitumen must be analyzed. For this purpose, the now solid material is liquefied in the oven at 180 °C and then the viscous mass is homogenized. The Hei-TORQUE Value 400 laboratory stirrer is ideal for this purpose, as it can homogenize highly viscous substances such as liquid asphalt thanks to its powerful motor. Because of the high IP 54 protection class, it is also optimally protected against any splashes and rising vapors of the asphalt. So the sample is optimally prepared for the further analyzes.


Mixing of highly viscous material






Used products

Hei-VAP Expert

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values with the 5“ touch display

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Hei-TORQUE Value 400

Ideal for standard stirring tasks.
Stirrer with 400 Ncm torque

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