Recycling in the automotive industry

Before measuring and analyzing automotive test engines and prototypes, the work pieces must be cleaned. This cleaning process produces several liters of contaminated cleaning fluid every day. Recycling these fluids for re-use not only pays for the sustainability of production but also leads to long-term cost savings.

To recycle the cleaning fluid, the Distimatic Industrial Platinum 5 Package is ideal. Thanks to the automatic module, any amount of cleaning fluid can be distilled with minimal effort and time.

One of our customers distills batch sizes of 30 liters each with the highest evaporation rate, with only 2% detergent loss per 10 liters. Our Heidolph Instruments Distimatic is operated in time mode to ensure low losses and the fastest possible distillation at the same time. When the process is complete, the recycled cleaning fluid is in the receiver (e.g., a canister) and the debris remains as residue in the evaporator flask.



Used products

Distimatic Industrial
Platinum 5 Package

Complete package including
Distimatic without drainage of
residue and a Hei-VAP Industrial
model with glassware set A

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