Distillation of saline solution

Goal and requirements

The aim of the application was to distil only so much water that a pumpable saline solution remains in the flask. The saline solution should then be automatically removed from the evaporator flask.



The setup consisted of the Hei-VAP Industrial equipped with the glassware A1, in conjunction with the Automatic Module - Distimatic including residue extraction. Furthermore, the vacuum pump Rotavac 20 and the chiller Hei-CHILL 5000 were used.


Process and result

With the use of the Automatic Module Distimatic, a distillation rate of 4.5 liters / h was achieved at the first time. Thus, our system could meet the requirements and the result was positive. Further optimization of the process parameters will subsequently improve the distillation speed at the customer's site. A limiting factor is the rate of flow of saline solution into the flask. Due to the high salt content of the solution the flow rate is somewhat throttled compared to pure water.


Pictures of the process

Saline solution in the flask      Finished product: Pumpable saline solution


Used products

Hei-VAP Industrial
with glassware A1

Highest safety and integrated
vacuum control capabilities

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Distimatic Industrial for
glassware set A / A2

Including automatic drainage of
residue and adaptor piece for
glassware set A / A2

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Rotavac 20

Includes secondary condenser
and air intake separation vessel

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Hei-CHILL 5000

Comprehensive spectrum of
services for demanding
temperature control tasks with a
cooling capacity of 5,000 W.

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