Powder drying in cancer research

Goal and requirements

The medium to be distilled is an intermediate from the synthesis of an anti-cancer drug. The powder drying process was allowed to last a maximum of 8 hours. During this time, the temperature of the sensitive medium was not allowed to rise above 35 ° C. During drying, no lumps were allowed to form in the flask. The residual moisture of the medium should be as low as possible.



The setup consisted of the Hei-VAP Industrial with the glassware A1 and the 20 liter powder flask, in combination with the Automatic Module - Distimatic. Furthermore, the Rotavac 20 vacuum pump and the Hei-CHILL 5000 recirculating cooler were used. The heating bath was automatically supplied with water and automatically refilled if necessary.


Process and result

First, 0.5 kg of a fluid amide-like derivative in powder form was dissolved in 10 liters of IPA (isopropanol) in the 20-liter flask of a Hei-VAP Industrial and mixed for 5 minutes at 100 rpm and 25 ° C. The flask was removed from the evaporator and 0.5 kg of calcium sulfate was added manually to the mixture. As a result, the color changed to beige. Thereafter, the distillation was started. Distillation parameters were set on:

  • Vacuum 10 mbar
  • Rotation 18 rpm
  • Heating bath temperature 30 ° C
  • Cooling temperature of the circulating cooler 5 ° C

After 4 hours of distillation, the powder drying was completed. All requirements of the application were successfully met.


Pictures of the process

The solution of IPA and the medium    After the addition of the calcium sulfate      The finished dried product


Used products

Hei-VAP Industrial
with glassware A1

Highest safety and integrated
vacuum control capabilities

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Powder flask 20 l

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Distimatic Industrial

Without automatic drainage of

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Rotavac 20

Includes secondary condenser
and air intake separation vessel

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Hei-CHILL 5000

Comprehensive spectrum of
services for demanding
temperature control tasks with a
cooling capacity of 5,000 W.

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