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Your reliable partner in

For us, treating chemical-biological compounds with care means: “Research made easy!“


Heidolph Premium Laboratory Equipment stands for reliability, precision, and efficiency. Your demand drives us to provide individualized advice, fast service, and quality without compromise. This allows you to focus purely on your research. Our formula for this is:

„Research made easy!“

Heidolph is traditionally known for high-quality laboratory equipment for chemical and pharmaceutical applications. In the field of biochemistry, we also offer the right devices for demanding applications.


Our promise:


✓   Robust and reliable devices for continuous operation
✓   Simple operation and highest precision for more productivity
✓   First class service


All our devices have maintenance free motors and are suited for years of continuous use. Their service life is well over ten years on average - with very low maintenance and repair costs.

This unique combination „Made in Germany“, is what makes Heidolph stand out.


Heidolph Shakers and Mixers

Suspending in a flash, homogeneously emulsifying, gently mixing or incubated shaking: We offer the right solution for any requirement. The Hei-MIX series offers numerous options with different types of movement, loading capacities and versatile accessories for shaking and mixing.


Heidolph's unique modular incubator system for all 1000-series models of the platform shakers.
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Hei-PLATE Magnetic Stirrers

Magnetic stirrers are among the basic laboratory devices. Depending on their application, they are used with or without heating function.

Hei-FLOW Peristaltic Pumps

Stable process conditions are the prerequisite for successful results in the cultivation of organisms in reactor systems. Especially in chemostat operation, a stable pump ensuring reliable substrate dosing is of particular importance. The gentle promotion of cell cultures is another important factor in these processes.


Why work with a peristaltic pump?
The advantages of the technology are numerous and versatile.
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Read application stories on the topic of biochemistry, shaking, mixing, tempering and dispensing.
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