Automatic Module - Distimatic

Automated 24/7 Evaporation


Automatic Module - Distimatic

Save time by distilling large volumes in a continuous and unattended manner overnight and during the weekend

The Automatic Module Distimatic is perfectly designed for the automated distillation process in your lab. Run fast, reliable, automated and continuous solvent evaporation applications at highest safety. 
Our engineers focused on leading safety standards, superior ease of use and reduced cost of ownership during the entire invention period.
The world's first drainage of residue of the Automatic Model Distimatic enables you to easily evaporate different solvents overnight and during the weekend in a unattended continuous manner.
The storage and the collecting tank can be easily replaced during the process.  
Choose from two different programs and achieve solvent separations of nearly 100 % with the Automatic Module Distimatic. Moreover, the degree of concentration for final product can be determined to rule out dehydration, crystallization and formation of powder.

Functional Principle

Save time by distilling large volumes in a continuous and unattended manner overnight and during the weekend 

For unattended and continuous use – including automatic drainage of residue

Automatic solvent supply of the evaporating flask

Refilling with the Sensor-Mode runs automatically and is based on the desired level in the evaporation flask
Refilling with the Time-Mode is done according to individual time parameters

Automatic discharge of condensate
A valve matrix controls the continuous discharge of the condensate from the system into a temporary storage flask. Afterwards the collected condensate will be discharged into the collecting tank by a diaphragm pump

Automatic drainage of residue
The residue in the evaporating flask will be drained into a collecting tank. Afterwards the process starts again automatically by refilling the evaporating flask

End of distillation process
The process can be terminated automatically after evaporation is completed or manually at any time by the operator





Distimatic Bench-top

24/7 distillation

Distimatic Industrial

For automated and continuous solvent evaporation

Automatic Module - Distimatic - Product Advantages

The complete system is sensor controlled and turns off the automatic module as well as all connected equipment completely in case of an emergency

The system can be placed under a fume hood which ensures the highest safety level for the operator

An easily accessible emergency button allows you to stop the process immediately by the operator

Take advantage of the wide range of possibilities to adjust the settings according to your individual needs

The storage and product containers can be replaced at any time during the process

Integrated plug connectors enable you to connect and to control also peripheral equipment from a central point

Affordable alternative to common 50 or 100 liter evaporators

Reduce your investments by using your existing equipment - the automatic module is compatible to all rotary evaporators from Heidolph

Increase your efficiency - the fully automatic process avoids the need of visual control and gives you time to focus on other tasks

The unattended and continuous reconditioning of solvent avoids any bottlenecks of availability of solvents and reduce your investments in this way

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A  spider NS 24/29 can be used on an evaporator with NS 24/40. There is no adapter or other accessories needed.

Yes, the rotary evaporator can be flooded with inertgas via the ventilation valve of the vacuum box.

In addition, a external pressure reducer is required to not exceed 0.2 bar overpressure (overpressure shutdown of Hei-VAP Precision).


Findenser is resistant to the majority of solvents and splash-resistant to dilute acids and alkalis at room temperature. Extended exposure to acids or alkalis will attack the outer metal surface of the Findenser.  It is important to clean off any chemical spills immediately after they occur.

The inner body of Findenser and the cone/socket, i.e. the wetted parts that come into contact with the substance being evaporated during normal use, are borosilicate glass 3.3, which has very

The silicone rubber straps are recommended for the lower StarFish clamp. They grip glassware, and are very durable. The silicone clamps have a handle for lifting glassware away from the heat.

The Velcro straps are recommended for the upper clamp. They are designed to not grip glassware tightly, allowing condensers to slide through the straps when glassware is lifted, whilst still offering some support. Please note the Velcro straps are not suitable for suspending unsupported glassware

One of the advantages of StarFish is that you can mix and match parts to build the system that suits your application.

If you would like to have water condensers in your StarFish system, you will need two water manifolds (one for water in, and one for water out). If you want to use vacuum or inert gas too, then you will also require a gas/vacuum manifold.