Automatic Module Hei-VOLUME Distimatic

Automatic Module

Hei-VOLUME Distimatic

In combination with the corresponding evaporator system, the Hei-VOLUME Distimatic automatic module enables efficient, unattended operation around the clock.

Efficiency through automation:

  • Save time
  • Multiply your daily throughput
  • Reduce your costs


The basic model of the Hei-VOLUME Distimatic module consists of the following main components:

  1. The control box with educt sensor vessel and valve, emergency stop switch, condensate pump and control panel
  2. The level sensor in the rotary flask
  3. The collector vessel with valve matrix
  4. The residue pump (only for models with automatic drainage of residue, marked "24/7")

1 Vacuum valve
2 Colector valve
3 Venting valve
4 Distillate pump
5 Residue pump
6 Filling valve



The Hei-VOLUME Distimatic module is operated via the control panel on the control box. In addition to selecting the mode (sensor- or time-controlled), the level sensor in the rotary flask can be calibrated to the medium to be processed by pressing a button. At the same time, the illuminated button displays a status indicator for the level sensor. In the event of an emergency situation, the system can be stopped by triggering the emergency stop switch.

The automatic filling and refilling of the rotary flask is based on the system vacuum. Due to the negative pressure in the rotary evaporator, new medium is fed in as soon as the valve on the control box opens. A sensor detects when the educt is used up. You are free to choose the vessel from which you want to refill and simply replace it during the ongoing process.


1 Educt container
2 Educt container sensor with measuring capsule
3 Educt container valve
4 Flask level sensor
5 Residue drainage
6 Educt supply
7 Evapoation flask



The condensate collects in a collector vessel with a valve matrix, which replaces the receiving flask. The valve matrix consists of a venting valve, a condensate valve and a vacuum valve. The contents of the collector are pumped out sensor-controlled via a chemical membrane pump on the control box into a container of your choice. The collector vessel is ventilated separately for this purpose. Once the collector vessel is empty, it is evacuated again before the condensate valve to the rest of the system opens again and the distillate continues to be collected. An overflow sensor on the condensate collection container detects its fill level and stops the system as soon as the container is full.

1 Vacuum valve
2 Distillate valve
3 Ventilation valve



In the Hei-VOLUME Distimatic 24/7 version, the residue in the rotary flask can be automatically pumped out. To do this, the entire system is ventilated and the concentrate is pumped into a container of your choice using the residue pump. An overflow sensor detects the filling level of the vessel and stops the system as soon as the collecting container is full.

For your safety, an cut-out sensor, which is attached to the glassware, monitors the process and stops the system in the event of a fault.

All sensors of the Hei-VOLUME Distimatic module can be adjusted to the medium to be processed.

The Hei-VOLUME Distimatic automatic module is available for Heidolph benchtop and large-scale rotary evaporators.


Do you need more extensive functions, such as saving favorites, data logging or an automatic cleaning mode?

Take a look at the innovative successor Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Pro.



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Hei-VOLUME Distimatic 24/7 Benchtop

Including automatic drainage of residue

Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Benchtop

Without automatic drainage of residue

Hei-VOLUME Distimatic Industrial

Without automatic drainage of residue

Hei-VOLUME Distimatic 24/7 Industrial

Including automatic drainage of residue and adaptor piece for glassware set A / A2

Automatic Module Hei-VOLUME Distimatic - Packages

Automatic Module Hei-VOLUME Distimatic - Accessories

Carboy 5 l

Carboy 25 l

Carboy 60 l

Downloads & Video


Hei-VOLUME-Certificate-for-continuous-operation.pdf Download
Hei-VOLUME Distimatic - The clever way of continuous evaporation Download
Operation Manual-Distimatic-EN.pdf Download
Installation-Instruction_Valve-matrix-and-Collector.pdf Download
Hei-VOLUME Distimatic at a glance Download
CE-Distimatic_EN.pdf Download



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