Carousel Work-Up Station


Carousel Work-Up Station

12 position parallel work-up

Easy-to-use, the Carousel Work-Up Station reduces post-synthesis bottle-necks.


  • The Carousel Work-Up Station facilitates parallel or sequential work-up of up to 12 samples, using filtration, phase separation, liquid/liquid extraction or SPE techniques.
  • The Carousel Work-Up Station accepts 12 x 70ml columns loaded into one of two identical stackable racks.
  • The lower rack supports 12 corresponding Carousel Reaction Tubes or standard 1 inch boiling tubes for subsequent sample collection.
  • Use under gravity or with the SpeediFlow Booster, which allows pressurisation of individual columns to increase flow rates and speed up your work-ups.
  • SpeediFlow Booster increases flow rates to speed up your work-ups.

SpeediFlowâ„¢ Booster

  • The SpeediFlow is a hand held pressuriser which fits into the top of your plastic column, to push the mobile phase through the column.
  • Features a mechanically expandable Viton O-ring, operated by a trigger with an integral locking device, for unsupported gas tight operation
  • SpeediFlow features a safety relief valve that vents at 6 to 8psi, preventing accidental over-pressure.
  • SpeediFlow Booster increases flow rates to speed up your work-ups.


Carousel Work-Up Station - Models

Carousel Work-Up Station

System 25 Carousel Work-Up Station

System 26 Carousel Work-Up Station

Variety pack of SPE Columns