System 19

GreenHouse Blowdown Evaporator

System 19 - Accessories


Long Blowdown pin plate 6 x 4, for GreenHouse tube

Blowdown pin plate 6 x 4

Blowdown pin plate 4 x 2

GreenHouse Blowdown base adaptor

Blowdown stand-alone base

Flowmeter with stand, 2 to 27 L/min

Gas connection tubing, 5m

Blowdown condenser

Gas inlet tee piece, 10mm

Gas inlet barbed connector, 10mm

Blowdown 150ml reservoir

GreenHouse glass cylinder

AT01 rack 4 x 2, for 27.8mm OD vials

AT02 rack 6 x 4, for 13mm OD vials

AT05 rack 4 x 2, for 24.3mm OD vials

AT06 rack 6 x 4, for 15mm OD vials

AT07 rack for 4 x 2, for 23.8mm OD vials

Carousel Tech Stirring Hotplate

115V US Plug

Carousel Temperature Controller