GreenHouse Work-Up Station


GreenHouse Work-Up Station

24 position parallel work-up

Rapid sequential and parallel purification in a 24 well micro titer plate footprint using standard 3 ml or 6 ml filtration, phase separation and SPE columns.


  • Innovative stacked column design allows sequential purification e.g. phase separation and SPE or filtration and SPE.
  • Removable upper support plate allows unit to be used for single or sequential purification.
  • Clear gas cover allows pressure to be applied to increase flow rate of difficult samples.
  • Accommodates all standard 3ml and 6ml tabbed or tabless SPE or filtration columns.
  • Accepts all standard 24 well micro titer plates, as well as GreenHouse Reaction Blocks for fraction collection.
  • Full range of Filtration, Phase Separation and SPE Columns including Silica, SCX, Aminopropyl and SAX Acetate.

GreenHouse Work-Up Station - Models

GreenHouse Work-Up Station

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GreenHouse Work-Up Station - Accessories

Stacker base unit

Acrylic gas cover

Column support plate

Short spacer, 4pcs

Long spacer, 4pcs

Stepped connector for 3ml column

Stepped connector for 6ml column

Clear gas tubing, 1m

Polypropylene needle tip, 50pcs

Silica column, 500mg/3ml, 50pcs

Silica column, 1.0g/6ml, 30pcs

Aminopropyl, 500mg/3ml, 50pcs

Aminopropyl column, 1.0g/6ml, 30pcs

SCX column, 500mg/3ml, 50pcs

SCX column, 1.0g/6ml, 30pcs

SAX acetate column, 500mg/3ml, 50pcs

Sax acetate column, 1.0g/6ml, 30pcs

20 µm PE filtration column, 3 ml, 100 pcs.

20 µm PE filtration column, 6 ml, 100 pcs.

Phase separation column, 3 ml, 100 pcs.

Phase separation column, 6 ml, 100 pcs.

Column cap, 3 ml, 100 pcs.

Column cap, 6 ml, 100 pcs.

Luer tip cap, 100 pcs.

Port-sealing plug, 30 pcs.

3 ml sample column pack

6 ml sample column pack includes