AR 19 Anchor-Type Impeller


Selection parameters

Precise working with an overhead stirrer depends on the right choice of the stirrer tool. When choosing a stirrer tool you have to consider its different characteristics and their effects. For example, the flow which the tool causes in the medium, the tool´s adequate field of application depending on the speed range, and the execution of the tool according to the viscosity it is destined for

Application examples:

Please ensure that for radial flow, blade, half-moon and VISCO JET® impellers the beaker size and position of your impeller complies with the shown guideline to achieve superior mixing results

Operational guidelines

Position of the stirring tool

Circumferential speed




AR 19 Anchor-Type Impeller - Technical Data

Blade size60 x 40 x 5 mm
Length 350 mm
Shaft diameter8 mm
Max. rotation speed800 rpm