Industrial Sterilizers


Industrial Sterilizers

The Heidolph Tuttnauer offers an unmatched range of models that are available in three series:
Compact, Mid Range, and Large Capacity. The sterilizer chambers range in volume from 120 to 1015 liters. Additional, we design customer sizes and offer the end-user an unlimited amount of upgrades to choose from. Each model is available in either single or double door configurations.


  • The control panel is an advanced microprocessor providing significantly greater accuracy than an electro-mechanical control.
    The control is isolated and covered to protect it from heat and moisture damage
  • All Piping is corrosion resistant stainless steel and has unions between components to make maintenance much easier.
    You do not have to dismantle large sections of piping just to replace a single part. A design that will minimize any down time.
  • Control valves are air driven (pneumatic) and last 4-5 times longer than older style electromagnetic valves
  • The chamber and jacket are 100 % stainless steel. The jacket is 304 SS and the chamber is 316L SS for superior corrosion resistance and is very stain resistant for easier maintenance/clean up in event of a spill
  • The chamber is fully insulated to be energy efficient and prevent heat loss and thermal loading of the work area.
    The unit must have a full 2" thickness of rigid, chloride free insulation. This is important in a moisture lane environment.
    The insulation is then completely covered with corrosion resistant stainless stell cladding to prevent damage and degradation of the insulation.


All part numbers are provided after receiving completed checklist.


Industrial Sterilizers - Accessories

Chamber BRITE sterilizer Cleaner