Laboratory Sterilizers/ Autoclaves

Sterilization and Infection Control


Sterilization and Infection Control

Safe benchtop steam Sterilization

Greater awareness of potential hazards.  Ever more stringent regulations.  Increasing emphasis on "green" facilities and processes. Now more than ever, it's critical to decontaminate your laboratory equipment, materials and biohazardous waste. Thats what the Tuttnauer Company is all about.  For more than 80 years, Tuttnauer has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of laboratory sterilization equipment to safegaurd you and your lab.

Tuttnauer's benchtop sterilizers provide a fast, safe, dependable and convenient means of sterilizing liquids, instruments, glassware, clothing and waste.  The line includes a wide range of models from our economic manually controlled analog models to our electronically controlled models with a build- in printer for GLP-compliant documentation.

Standard Operating Features

  • Self-contained design eliminates external plumbing and hardwiring for easy installation
  • Simple Operation
  • ASME- stamped, 316 L stainless steel chamber ensures long-lasting reliability, durability and high corrosion resistance
  • Fast/slow exhaust; fast exhaust allows quick cycle time of solids and slow exhaust prevents media and liquid boil-over
  • Closed-door drying system maintains sterility
  • Drying cycle removes residual moisture after sterilization
  • Continuous pressure purge elimates air pockets and ensures thorough, even sterilization
  • Automatic shut-off feature saves energy
  • One-year warranty

Standard Safety Features

  • Heat-insulated, double-locking door protets against accidental burns; the door cannot be opened while the chamber is under pressure
  • Automatic low water level shut-off prevents damage to the heater elements if there is insufficient water for the sterilization cycle
  • Over-temperature cut-off and over-pressure valve ensure safe operation
  • UL- and CSA-approved


Manual Sterilizers

These manualy operated models feature analog controls and gauges for simple operation.

Electronic Sterilizers

Every stage of the cycle, including water-fill, heating, sterilization, exhaust and drying, are microprocessor-controlled and completely automatic with these electronic models.

Lab Line Models

These laboratory autoclaves have been designed to provide high quality repeatable performance and accountability, for a wide range of applications used in modern laboratories.

Industrial Sterilizers

Large Capacity Autoclaves

Pre & Post Vacuum Autoclave

PUREWISE Water Distillers

Ultrasonic Baths

Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems



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