Manual Sterilizers


Manual Sterilizers

These manualy operated models feature analog controls and gauges for simple operation.
The come standard with a 60-minute cycle timer and allow temperature selection between 100 and 134 degrees celcius. 
They also feature a combination pressure and temperature gauge with peak indicator.

Manual Sterilizers - Models

1730M - 220 V

2340M - 120V

2340M - 220V

2540M - 120V

2540M - 220V

3850M - 220V

3870M - 230V

Manual Sterilizers - Accessories

Door Gasket for 1730 Models

Chamber BRITE sterilizer Cleaner

Door Gasket for 2340 Models

Door Gasket for 2540 Models

Door gasket for 3850 and 3870 Models

3850 and 3870 Stand



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