Pre & Post Vacuum Autoclave


Pre & Post Vacuum Autoclave

A pre vacuum pump removes the air from the chamber. Then a pules of steam is admitted. This process is repeated 1 to 4 times (as selected). With each cycle of vacuum and steam plus the air fraction decreases. This allows for complete Air removal and for faster and more efficient steam penetration throughout the entire load.

  • High volume water-ring vacuum pump for fast and efficient air removal
  • Stand-by heating mode keeps the autoclave warm and ready for use
  • 316L grade stainless stell chamber and door with electro-polish finish
  • Two RTD load probes for liquid cycles
  • Double locking safety device prevents door from opening at high pressure and high temperature
  • Built-in alpha-numeric printer
  • Mounted on wheels for easy mobility and sterilization on demand
  • Installation, Training and Freight Part Number provided on a case by case basis
  • Contact a Heidolph representative to obtain certified drawings
  • ONLY One chamber size available

Requires Installation, Training & Freight part no. provided upon request, cannot be ordered without.

Pre & Post Vacuum Autoclave - Models

5075 HSG

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Pre & Post Vacuum Autoclave - Accessories

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