Reactor-Ready Pilot Lab Reactor


Reactor-Ready Pilot Lab Reactor

Replace multiple reactor set-ups with a single, universal pilot scale system with interchangeable vessels that can be swapped in minutes not hours.

Reactor-Ready Pilot is ideal for process development, scale-up, pilot and kilo labs.


  • Rapid vessel exchange with quick-release vessel clamp and wide bore hose couplings.
  • Range of single and vacuum jacketed vessels from 5 litres to 20 litres.
  • Vessels have 1.25 to 1 ratio of internal height to diameter to mimic plant scale reactors.
  • DN200 vessel flange.
  • Accepts all leading brands of overhead stirrer and allows easy, tool-free adjustment.
  • Compact stainless steel framework accepts all vessel sizes.
  • Self-aligning stirrer coupling engages without the need for tools.
  • Temperature range: -70 ºC to +230 ºC.
  • Innovative hose manifolds allow easy thermofluid drain down.

Ordering Reactor-Ready Pilot

  1. Select the core for Pilot.
  2. Choose Manifold & Hose Kit.
  3. Choose from DN200 lids available in 6 or 7 necks in glass, or 8 necks in PTFE (Pilot unit only).
  4. Choose the Vessel Kit or Kits you require by selecting the vessel volume & style.
  5. Select the Heidolph Overhead Stirrer you require.
  6. If you need a thermo regulator, hoses, hose adapters, thermo fluid or accessory glassware, then select from the accessory list.
  7. If you need automation, add the Control Software Kit and Data Hub.

Reactor-Ready Pilot Lab Reactor - Models

Reactor-Ready Pilot Core System

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Reactor-Ready Pilot Lab Reactor - Accessories

5L Single Jacketed Pilot Process Vessel Kit

10L Single Jacketed Pilot Process Vessel Kit

10L Vacuum Jacketed Pilot Process Vessel Kit

15L Single Jacketed Pilot Process Vessel Kit

20L Single Jacketed Pilot Process Vessel Kit