Rotary Evaporator Enclosures

Rotary Evaporator Enclosures

Free Up Valuable Fume Hood Real-estate

AirClean® Systems ductless hoods, workstations and enclosures are designed to protect the operator, the process or both from toxic vapors, fumes, gas and particulate.

At the heart of all AirClean® Systems chemical hoods, workstations and enclosures is a revolutionary gas phase bonded carbon filter. This unique filter, found only in AirClean® Systems safety products, eliminates filter dusting and dead zones associated with traditional granular carbon filters.

Incorporated into each AirClean® Systems product is a state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled and monitoring system. Critical to any ductless safety product, the monitoring system must be able to alert the operator if the filter fail, if there is insufficient airflow, or if filter replacement is necessary. All of the alarms associated with the monitoring system are designed to alert the user immediately if adverse conditions arise.

Rotary Evaporator Enclosures - Models

Bench Top Rotary Evaporator Ductless Enclosure

Bench Top Rotary Evaporator Total Exhaust Enclosure

Industrial Rotary Evaporator Enclosure