StarFish Multi-Experiment Workstation


StarFish Multi-Experiment Workstation

The space saver

A modular, general purpose heating and stirring work station.

Whether you want to just heat and stir, or perform more complex parallel experiments, StarFish really can make your life easier and improve productivity.


  • Uses less space than multiple heating and stirring set-ups.
  • Fits all leading brands of stirring hotplate.
  • Accepts flasks, test tubes, vials and beakers.
  • Set-up vessels individually or in parallel.
  • More productive - Heat, stir and reflux experiments in parallel.
  • Safer, cleaner working - Eliminate oil baths, reduce spills, mess and accidents.
  • Easy to use and quick to assemble.

Heating and stirring, synthesis, distillation, extraction, digestion and concentration

Universal 3 or 5-Way Telescopic Clamps

  • Adjusts to hold a wide variety of glassware
  • Velcro or rubber straps

Water Manifolds

  • Distributes water to up to five condensers simultaneously
  • Quick-release connectors with leak-proof shut-off valves

Gas/Vacuum Manifolds

  • Even distribution to up to five positions or vessels
  • Quick-release connectors with leak-proof shut-off valves

Choice of Base Plates

  • For round or square hotplates with optional lifting handles

MonoBlocks or PolyBlock

  • Wide choice of block options
  • From vials to 500-ml flasks

Central Support Rod

  • Single or two piece stainless steel rods
  • Screws into base plate

StarFish Components



StarFish Multi-Experiment Workstation - Models

StarFish base plate

145mm plate, for Heidolph

Base plate handles

StarFish base plate handles, 1 pair

MonoBlock for 40 x 12mm tubes

MonoBlock for 40 x 16mm tubes

MonoBlock for 16 x 24mm tubes

MonoBlock for 16 x 25mm tubes

MonoBlock for 2ml vials, 40 x 12mm

MonoBlock for 1 dram vial, 40 x 15mm

MonoBlock for 2 dram vials, 40 x 17mm

MonoBlock for 4 dram vials, 20 x 21mm

MonoBlock for 16 x 28mm vials

MonoBlock for 5 x 250ml flasks

MonoBlock for 3 x 500ml flasks

150-ml Flask Insert

100-ml Flask Insert

50-ml Flask Insert

25-ml Flask Insert

10-ml Flask Insert

5-ml Flask Insert

PolyBlock for 9 x 12mm tubes

PolyBlock for 9 x 16mm tubes

PolyBlock for 3 x 24mm tubes

PolyBlock for 3 x 25mm tubes

PolyBlock for 2ml vials, 9 x 12mm

PolyBlock for 1 dram vialm 9 x 15mm

PolyBlock for 2 dram vials, 7 x 17mm

PolyBlock for 4 dram vials, 3 x 21mm

PolyBlock for 3 x 28mm vials

PolyBlock for 1 x 250ml flask

StarFish Multi-Experiment Workstation - Accessories

Telescopic 3-way clamp

including Velcro

Telescopic 3-way clamp

including silicone strap and extended handle

Telescopic 3-way clamp

including Velcro

Telescopic 5-way clamp

including silicone strap and extended handle

Replacement self-adhesive Velcro pads


Replacement Velcro look strips, 200mm


Silicone strap, 200mm


Viton strap, 200mm


Water manifold with connectors

Gas/Vacuum manifold with connectors

Support rod, 650mm

Split support rod, 650mm