Storm Heating/Cooling Work Station


Storm Heating/Cooling Work Station

Combined with a suitable circulator, Storm can provide controlled steady state heating and cooling

Designed as an add-on module for the Carousel 6 Plus and Tornado combination, creating a powerful 'Parallel Process Reactor' for controlled heating and cooling, making it the ideal process optimisation and development tool.


  • Thermofluid -85 °C to +235 °C; providing a solution temperature -65 °C to +200°C.
  • 135 mm ø top plate integrates with the Carousel 6 Plus, Tornado and Heat-On.
  • Unique internal design maximises heat transfer whilst the insulated outer case reduces heat loss and prevents contact with hot/cold thermofluid.

Features a sophisticated internal fluid path that combines with a high performance insulated case to maximise thermal transfer. These features create a temperature control module that has a wide operating range with excellent heat transfer, making Storm ideal for steady state reactions from -65 ˚C to +200 ˚C that require stable temperatures for extended periods, with minimal variation across the heated surface.

Storm Heating/Cooling Work Station - Models

Storm including PTFE Cover Plate

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