5-way clamp (Velcro)

Universal 5-way clamps

5-way clamp (Velcro) - AddOns

StarFish Workstation

5-way clamp (Velcro) - Accessories

Gas / Vacuum-Distribution Manifold (with connections)

5-way clamp (Velcro)

5-way clamp (Silicone strap and handle)

Replacement adhesive pads for telescopic arms (10 pieces)

Spare velcro straps, 5 pieces

Spare silicone straps (pack of 5 pcs.)

Starfish support rod

650 mm Support split rod



Operation-Manual-Magnetic-Stirrer-StarFish-workspace-EN.pdf Download
Operation-Manual-Magnetic-Stirrer-StarFish-water-gas-vaccum-EN.pdf Download