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Does the confirmation of condition have to be send with every returned device, even if the device has not been used?


The confirmation of condition must be legibly filled out completly for each device returned to Heidolph.

Only in this way can we protect our employees from the dangers of contaminated equipment. If the declaration of safety is missing, or if it is not completly or legibly filled out, unfortunately we can not process your return.

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May Heidolph devices be opened by customers themselves (within the warranty period)?


The self-opening of the devices leads to the immediate loss of all warranty claims and is also potentially dangerous. Manupulating the device by unauthorized persons can no longer ensure safe operation.

If you got questions abou your device, please contact us. We will provide the correct maintenance for your device.

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What should be considered when returning a device?

The device must be cleaned before returning.
A clearly legible confirmation of condition must be enclosed.

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Where can the confirmation of condition document be found?

The confirmation of condition form is attached to each device on delivery.

You can download a digital version of the confirmation of condition form here:

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