Unimax 2010

Shakers & Mixers

Unimax 2010

P/N: 036130200

The resilient model

  • The Unimax 2010 is a large model and accepts a load capacity of 10 kg for high sample throughput
  • The shaking orbit of 20 mm performs a gentle motion for sensitive samples and supports culture plates and Erlenmeyer flasks
  • Set and continuously adjust the variable speed on the digital display from 20 to 400 rpm
  • Increase your sample throughput with the optional multi-tier attachment for a variety of vessel sizes
  • An analog process timer allows for unattended operation and can be set from 1 to 120 minutes. When the set time has elapsed an acoustic alarm will sound and the operation stops

Unimax 2010 - Technical Data

Rotation speed range20 - 400 rpm
Operating Modetimer or continous
Orbit / Stroke20 mm
Power input115 W
Platform size390 x 340 mm
Max. Load10 kg
Overheat protectionself-resetting
Protection class DIN EN 60529IP 20

Unimax 2010 - Accessories

Perforated platform 2000

Frame tension roller

Tension roller

Multi-tier attachment

Separatory funnel clamp (250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml)

Separatory funnel clamp (2000 ml)

Clamp - Size 1 For 25-ml Erlenmeyer flasks

Clamp - Size 2 For 50-ml Erlenmeyer flasks

Clamp - Size 3 For 100-ml Erlenmeyer flasks

Clamp - Size 4 For 250-ml Erlenmeyer flasks

Clamp - Size 5 For 500-ml Erlenmeyer flasks

Clamp - Size 6 For 1000-ml Erlenmeyer flasks

Clamp - Size 7 For 2000-ml Erlenmeyer flasks



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